IT IS TIME! to change the status-quo and make Lagos work for ALL. Together, we will achieve our Lagos4Lagos vision and bring to life the Lagos of our dreams.


We must take the task at hand with every sense of responsibility. It is essential, it is urgent. It is the battle to rescue Lagos and engender the city and her inhabitants to finally blossom to their full potentials.



We have consciously and subconsciously ceded leadership and governance to our old leaders.

We must not be  content with being aloof and complaining from our closets. Our world today is quite fast-paced,with ever constant changing dynamics. It requires LEADERSHIP THAT IS AHEAD, CREATIVE, NIMBLE AND EQUAL TO THE TASK.



Our goal is to restore decision making power to Lagosians and birth a Lagos that will work for, and benefit ALL in Lagos and not just a privileged handful as has been the practice.

Wishes won’t do it. Neither will arguments, anger and social media analyses in our comfort zones. Let’s redirect our efforts and youthful energy towards creating a better Lagos for all. Lagos needs you. I have a very strong conviction that we can achieve anything, if we put our minds and effort to it.

I feel this is the time to realize that our greatest missile is the potency and strength of our unity;

I feel this is the time to stop entrusting our future with leaders that fought to create theirs and were fortunate to live in it;

I feel this is the time to learn from them, do what they did in their youth and take our own future in our hands.

Start by joining me and the growing army of volunteer TEAM JANDOR members across all the 57 LGAs and LCDAs in Lagos and together, we will achieve Lagos4Lagos and bring to life the Lagos of our dreams.

– Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran